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Great needs call for greater solutions

Standvast is founded on the principle that the healthcare supply chain is far too complicated and outdated for today’s world. We help transform the flow of clinical supplies by simplifying the supply chain through proprietary technologies, innovative processes and easier workflows, integrating with existing hospital systems to create an interconnected, end-to-end healthcare supply chain.

We begin with the clinician and patient relationship, and develop innovative best-in-class solutions to usher in a new era where old silos fall, materials and supplies are there when needed, data sources become reliable, excess costs are removed, and the real-world needs of clinicians come first.

As it should be.

Our Solutions

We’ve set out to create a greater good for providers, clinicians, and patients while solving the root cause of the healthcare supply chain’s long-term problems. Our patent pending solution has three integrated elements to deliver transformation  to your supply chain.

E-commerce fulfillment

Wherever your clinicians are, Standvast delivers the right supplies to them at the right time. Using technology and practices from the best supply chains, we create an innovative and transparent mass customization fulfillment service capability.

  • Mass customized e-commerce fulfillment capability at the highest levels of service

  • Drastically reduces need for local hospital storage and thousands of PAR locations

  • 70% less inventory and a drastic reduction in effort/resources

  • Simplifies to allow clinicians to get back to the business of caring for patients

Closed loop, connected technology

Our supply chain technology facilitates simple integrations to existing provider systems for a closed loop, real-time system to become your trusted data source, providing new transparency and data.

  • Connect to existing data sources to create new information flows

  • End-to-end transparency using technology at each stage of the process

  • Best-in-class supply chain systems and easy to use processes creates a trusted source of data previously unavailable

Machine learning system

Advanced algorithms blend seamlessly with machine learning to empower hospital leadership and clinicians to drive change to costs, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

  • Trusted source of data powers near real time analytics to drive ongoing change

  • Timely, trusted data allows for efficient tools and reports to support clinicians

  • Advanced algorithms and machine learning are applied to generate optimization potential across the supply chain

Our Services

Standvast delivers our solutions in a manner that works with each provider to tailor a change management plan. The goal? Optimizing return on investment, mitigation of opportunity costs on existing efforts, and reduced risk of implementation. Our patent pending solutions do not  add to complexity but seek to create your own reinforcing success cycles for lasting, positive change.

Assessment and solution design

Our approach is markedly different. We believe in fulfillment, not distribution. That starts with a detailed assessment of your needs and a collaboratively designed pilot solution.

Pilot and implementation to deliver maximum value

Collectively agreeing on metrics, a shared vision between our collective teams, low risk pilot and implementation strategies, and phased change management leads to measurable improvements in the healthcare supply chain.

Forecasting and supply chain technology

Make better data-driven decisions right off the bat by blending existing data unused within existing enterprise systems with an implementation of Standvast technology derived from the best supply chains tailored to your organizational needs, ultimately delivering millions in savings.

Operations excellence and lean in the healthcare supply chain

Each practice has unique needs. By addressing your individual challenges, we customize training and development solutions to empower your teams.


Through proprietary processes and technology enabled workflows, our solution removes tasks and inventory from the hospital, transforms the flow of supplies and connects existing hospital systems for transparent, new sources of information.

Lower costs
and improved margins

Up to 20% reduction in total landed supply chain costs and 70% reduction to inventory on hand while improving availability, accessibility, and in-stock levels.

Improved quality

We improve the supply chain information from clinician to manufacturer thereby reducing variation and errors within the supply chain. Standvast delivers improved performance and information to  enhance quality for your caregivers and patients.

Return on investment

Tapping into systems and processes developed by Amazon, Google and other supply chain leaders, Standvast helps reduce risk, ease change management and deliver expected results for a 10 to 1 payback to provider networks.

Risk reduction

Reduced risk is always a good thing. Standvast trims 70 percent of inventory and greatly simplifies existing processes, reducing variation in the provider supply chain and procedural care. This cuts waste, slashes logistics costs, and helps improve the quality and accessibility of care.


We provide fulfillment services to large hospitals, acute care centers, ambulatory centers, and in-home offerings. We’ll create simple, efficient solutions to greatly ease daily burdens, waste, and costs. This allows time to develop and respond for the limited number of emergent crises that impact a daily, weekly, or monthly normalcy, as with COVID-19.


With 95 percent forecasting accuracy, creating greater trust gives providers the ability to optimize their orders to get the right materials at the right time. Integrating with existing systems, our proprietary supply chain technology brings a new level of transparency and simplification to inventory and materials management.

Standvast Leadership Team

Our seasoned leadership team has driven some of the most significant innovations in ecommerce fulfillment, supply chain systems, transportation logistics and technology development in a variety of industries around the world.  We have taken these experiences to develop a deep understanding across many respected providers to invent a new healthcare supply chain model.

The Standvast team have led highly distributed, complex and large organizations including Amazon, Google, UPMC, Ford, Zulily and TNT. We are dedicated to delivering remarkable improvements to cost, service and transparency in healthcare — to create a greater good for you and your patients.


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What our clients are saying

“It is not a question of if but when, as now that I see it it is the only solution that really addresses the problems we have had for decades.”

COO, Large Provider

“I have had every organization claim to have the answer but yours is a unique solution and you are uniquely qualified to make it happen – I also think you are conservative in what can be achieved when the clinicians buy-in.”

Head of Supply Chain, Large Catholic Provider

“This is the future and only solution to our long-standing problems that drive me crazy every day.”

Head of Supply Chain, Chief Nurse

“You have done the hard part – to get clinicians to love and want the change – now we just need to take it across our network”

CFO, Mid-Size Safety Net Provider

“Healthcare has been stuck in the 1990s and our old ideas – we need Standvast now to help us.”

Director of Supply Chain, Large Northeast Provider

“Standvast is absolutely the right thing and the right journey for any provider but change in healthcare is not easy and you need the right CEO/COO/CFO to make it happen .”

Technology CEO, Veteran Healthcare
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