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Amazon FBA Sellers

A Complement to Amazon FBA

With Standvast, Amazon FBA sellers now have a choice that can simplify new channels to market, spur growth, save money, and delight all your customers not just Amazon.

More Control

You should still embrace the Amazon Services you want or need, but Standvast gives you the ability to access more options and opportunities. We help you fulfill your promise as you can control all your sales, channels, and supply chain choices for all your growing base of customers.


Overcome as selling conditions change, inventory levels fluctuate, Amazon FBA inventory limits/pricing vary, and market or your customer demands move over time. You do not have to comply to these new conditions but can adapt in near real-time with our flexible fulfillment center network and technology services.

Cost Efficiency

Eliminate your complete dependency and be empowered to pursue further growth and value creation. Still use Amazon where it adds value to you and leverage Standvast where we can deliver growth or cost savings.

New Revenue Sources

Unlock new revenue sources from more varied selling platforms, new channels, and/or customers by creating a best-in-class supply chain that works in conjunction with Amazon FBA and other services/providers.

Augments vs. Replaces

Use what works and forget about what doesn't. Standvast puts you in control of how, where, and when you deliver on your customers' expectations to fulfill and unlock your organization’s true value.

It's time to grow, save, and simplify. It's time for Standvast. Fulfill Your Promise.