Fulfillment Services

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E/omni-commerce Fulfillment Services

Standvast better equips you to fulfill your promise to your customers by leveraging a vast network of strategically located fulfillment centers. Reduce shipping times, streamline your supply chain, and delight your customers with risk-free, best-in-class fulfillment services tailored to your business.

98+% of US consumers reached in 1-2 days with Standard Ground Services

Standvast Fulfillment Network Transit Time Standard Ground Service

Features and Benefits

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Order Processing

A seamless order processing solution makes delivery planning, distribution, and forecasting easier and more efficient than ever.


Access the status of every order and get updates in real time. Easily integrate order tracking into your existing ERP or CRM systems.

Returns Processing

Standvast can reduce the burden of managing returns with streamlined processes purpose-built for total customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

When it comes to frontline, post-sale customer interaction, rely on us for as much or as little help as you need.

Reporting, Analytics, and Insights

Gain the insights you need to make better-informed decisions faster, with higher accuracy and more significant impact on your bottom line.

How You Benefit

E-commerce, direct-to-consumer brands, and retailers can all benefit from our reliable and resilient Fulfillment Center Network. The benefits include:

Improved Services and Experiences to Customers Drives Your Growth

Your customers expect 2-day delivery and meeting this expectation drives customer loyalty and growth - 20+%.

Being Closer to Customers Reduces Costs and Improves Margins

Reduce your total supply chain costs by 20 to 30% with our network designed to reduce your total costs.

No Fixed or Upfront Costs Equals Zero Risk

Standvast's shared services model allows you to expand and scale without the risk or costs of most solutions.

Improved Reliability

Get the confidence that comes from knowing your fulfillment network is performing optimally around-the-clock.

Improved Resiliency and Flexibility

Our network is designed to serve a range of customers and services that work together to create service and cost resiliency.

Optimize. Enhance. Improve.
All with Standvast.