Healthcare Services

Introduction to Healthcare Services

Standvast is founded on the principle that the healthcare supply chain is too complicated, costly, and outdated for today’s world. We help transform the flow of clinical supplies by simplifying the supply chain through proprietary technologies, innovative processes, and easier workflows, integrating with existing hospital systems to create an interconnected, end-to-end healthcare supply chain for this decade.

Supply chain evaluation

Chances are there are gaps and inefficiencies in your healthcare supply chain, as many of the current processes and systems have been around for decades. Standvast can help you learn from and apply e-commerce best practices and the latest technology to create a transformed end-to-end supply chain process starting with the clinician/patient needs. Standvast’s approach seeks to simplify processes for hospital teams, mitigates the impact on IT resources, systems, or other change management initiatives.

Custom-composed solutions unique-to-the-hospital network

With the Standvast Fulfillment and Technology solution, hospitals can reduce the end-to-end supply chain costs by 15 to 20%, increase operating margins by 5%, and enhance patient care while making their services more accessible. For a provider network with 100,000 surgeries a year, this would translate into far lower inventory levels and operating expenses, delivering a onetime cash benefit of $30+M and ongoing annual operating expense improvements of over $60+M.

Technology-enabled workflow development

The healthcare supply chain of the future must service their current network of hospitals and care centers while expanding to efficient in-home care offerings, local treatment centers, and in-home assisted care support. This shift requires new capabilities and technology to enhance convenience, trust and influence. Standvast solutions create an e-commerce technology capability to deliver more efficient and effective services – to solve the pressing needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Ongoing improvement and enhancements

Standvast can perform a quick assessment in 2 to 3 weeks using your available data, a review of hospital processes, estimating existing inventory, and working with a small team to gain initial insights into the existing IT systems. This effort can help you identify areas for improvement, develop an initial estimate on the potential benefits, and develop solutions that reduce clinician workload, disjointed individual supply chain efforts, time and effort actively manages the purchasing and logistics, and error and ongoing problems by enabling learning systems to continuously recommend solutions at the root cause.

Create a supply chain that enables more cost-effective, high-quality patient care. We can Serve You in this Journey.