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Digitally Focused Brands and Retailers

What Direct to Consumer Brands Need

To compete in today’s competitive environment, Direct-to-Consumer brands need fast, reliable, transparent, and customer-centered fulfillment services. Standvast’s network of fulfillment centers gives you access to the best-in-class services for your customers without large capital or fixed cost investments due the shared services model.

With Standvast, you get:

  • Speed – 2-day delivery that won’t break the bank
  • A multi-node network without the costs or risks
  • Reliability from our FC operations
  • Transparency from our technology
  • Flexible and Simple Integration and Pricing
  • A network usually reserved for larger competitors but without the costs/investments typically required

How Standvast Helps

With Standvast, you gain access to the Standvast fulfillment network and supply chain technology that can serve your customers with excellence, at a faster pace than otherwise possible.

This creates scaled growth, risk reduction, and multiple expansion options. Your customer promises are best-in-class and consistently kept, building end-customer loyalty, and driving profitable growth.

Composable Solution

Only use what works best for your DtoC business. Standvast makes it easy with composable solutions that are simple and flexible, so they scale as you grow.

Improved Profitable Growth

Spend less time and money by managing a more efficient, right-sized supply chain ecosystem that delivers more for your customers.

Reduced Risk

No upfront or fixed costs allows you to scale as you need without the risk. Our FC services and technology will provide a better service with less errors and variation making this an easy choice.

Better End-customer Experience

Enjoy enhanced customer loyalty and more repeat business from a customer base that is delighted to do business with you.

It's time to grow, save, and simplify. It's time for Standvast. Fulfill Your Promise.