Cut Costs and Increase Sales with Standvast’s Multi-Node Network and 2-Day Delivery


Our fulfillment network, inspired by Amazon’s innovations, optimizes inventory management with zero capital expenditure or long-term contracts. By integrating a robust 3PL warehouse management system, we provide comprehensive fulfillment shipping services and e-fulfillment solutions.

  • Rely on Standvast Order Management to make real-time decisions that balance service, cost, and inventory, ensuring on-time deliveries, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Our multi-node network and cutting-edge technology save brands 20% on total costs and increase sales by 25% with efficient 2-day delivery to 95% of the U.S.
  • Based on demand analysis, we optimize inventory placement across the network and provide automatic inventory rebalancing with over 99.8% bin-level accuracy.


Supply Chain


“Standvast’s quality of service is by far the best we have seen and using all of their FC network helps us grow, improve our total supply chain costs, and provide our customers the service they expect and deserve. We would highly recommend Standvast.”

Anthony Basham – Director of Logistics, Resident Home

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