Your New E-Commerce 3PL Fulfillment: Fast, Flexible, Forward-Thinking

Leverage the expertise of the pioneers behind Amazon Prime’s fulfillment success.

Facing spikes in order volumes? Grappling with the complexities of multi-channel sales? In your business you’re racing against time and expectations: every second counts and every decision matters.

Looking for the assurance of an omni-channel supply chain you know you can trust? One where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care for your growth and customer satisfaction. It’s time we talked.

Transform your fulfillment challenges into your competitive edge:

  • Reduce Total Landed Costs: Leverage our multi-node network and cut costs by up to 30%.
  • Accelerate Delivery Nationwide: Ensure 1-2 day ground delivery for 98% of the country, boosting your revenue by 20%.
  • Customize Fulfillment: Our composable solutions and flexible supply chain strategy services mold to your unique and variable inventory needs.
  • Achieve Unmatched Accuracy: Rest assured with 99.9% inventory accuracy and over 99% on-time shipping.
  • Partner for Success: Benefit from a dedicated account representative who anticipates and resolves issues before they reach you.



Supply Chain Technology

Composable Solutions

We’re here to ensure that the journey from warehouse to doorstep is as smooth and swift as your customers expect — because when they’re delighted, we succeed together.

“Standvast’s quality of service is by far the best we have seen and using all of their FC network helps us grow, improve our total supply chain costs, and provide our customers the service they expect and deserve. We would highly recommend Standvast.”

Anthony Basham – Director of Logistics, Resident Home

The World’s First Composable Supply Chain Technology.

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