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For Amazon and other leading e-commerce retailers, the Standvast team helped invent some of the most significant innovations in e-commerce fulfillment and supply chain technology.

We are continuing that innovation by democratizing the omni-channel supply chain so every company, no matter their size, can be on an equal supply chain footing with the largest players.

The World’s First Composable Supply Chain Services and Technology Solution

You are in control with Standvast as our solution starts with you in mind. Standvast offers composable solutions that allow you to augment pieces or replace most/all of your current supply chain state with innovative technology and a shared fulfillment services network.


Fulfillment Services

Rely on Standvast's comprehensive suite of fulfillment services to care for and ship your products quickly and transparently. Our regional fulfillment center network in a shared services model will provide you 30% savings and two-day or less shipping to 98% of the U.S.


Supply Chain Technology

Augment or replace pieces of your existing technology with our innovative software and AI tools that are flexible and simple to use and integrate with.


Professional Services

Streamline your operations with specialized supply chain strategy/modeling, operational excellence, channel, vendor, procurement, and planning services from top industry experts at Standvast.

65 %


Delivery Times with Standard Ground Services

Standvast’s Fulfillment Network gets you closer to your customers so you can deliver your products within two days using standard ground services with the highest reliability to meet or exceed customer expectations.

10 %

Total Supply Chain Cost Savings

Being closer to your customers reduces transportation zones that allows you to reduce your total supply chain costs through lower inventory levels, transportation cost savings, and less urgent deliveries or penalties for late shipments.

35 %

Faster Fulfillment Creates Revenue Growth

Our FC network and technology allow you to get products to more than 60% of your customers more than 60% faster than with one node – faster and more reliable deliveries make customers buy a lot more – there is a reason Amazon has been doing that for more than two decades.

75 %

Inventory Record Accuracy

Our supply chain technology and best-in-class processes allows the highest level of inventory accuracy and efficiencies ensuring the right product is in the right place at the right time meaning you fill more customers orders with the highest level of quality.

We Serve Your Customers Like Our Own

Standvast is doing things differently. We’re bringing a customer centered approach to how retailers and brands serve their customers, using proven technology and industry best practices back by experts in omni-commerce supply chains.

FBA Sellers and Aggregators

Go beyond the limitations of FBA with composable options to scale and grow your brands. More options to sell, more flexibility, more retailers, and more customers all create more value.


Digitally Focused Brands and Retailers

Get to market faster and more efficiently while reducing risk and consistently keeping your promises. Grow your sales and improve your margins with our services and technology. 



You know you need more e-commerce capabilities. Standvast can offer more options for your customers no matter where they are by leveraging strategically located fulfillment centers and our technology to enable new solutions without risking lost focus or efforts on your current business.


Healthcare Providers

Optimize distribution to hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers, saving time and money in the process.


How Standvast Works with You

Simple and Flexible – Most seek to do one or the other. Standvast believes that doing both creates the greatest benefits for our customers, so we do the hard work to make it easy for you.


Engage with Standvast. We will gather data and design a unique-to-you solution.

Your fulfillment and technology solution is simply integrated into your existing systems. Testing of our flexible systems ensures the functionality and transparency you need.


You begin saving money on day 1 of solution execution. Throughout the Standvast integration, you pay no up-front costs. There's no disruption for your customers, and there's virtually no risk.


We have worked with the Standvast team for many years on mission critical projects, ranging from designing order allocation algorithms to opening additional distribution centers.The Standvast team is not only very knowledgeable; they know how to apply, support, and manage the realities on the ground and deliver the stated objectives.

Mark Vos

Co-President, Lulus


Standvast provided a fulfillment center network solution with far less fixed costs and no capital investment, while improving our two-day service levels for direct-to-consumer sales. Standvast also fulfills replenishment orders for our customer's distribution centers, strictly adhering to customer requirements to prevent chargebacks. Overall, Standvast has lowered our total costs while exceeding our service level expectations. They are fulfillment experts who are easy to work with, which isn't easy to find.

Justin Kingston

SVP, Classic Brands


Standvast's quality of service is by far the best we have seen and using all of their FC network helps us grow, improve our total supply chain costs, and provide our customers the service they expect and deserve. We would highly recommend Standvast.

Anthony Basham

Director of Logistics, Resident Home

Mark Vos Justin Kingston Anthony Basham

Fulfill Your Promise

Standvast is the better way for your Supply Chain — Simple and Flexible

Don’t settle. Take control of your supply chain with a composable, modern solution from Standvast and provide outstanding end-customer experience, again and again (and again).

Wherever the gaps or barriers to growth are in your supply chain, we are ready to fill them with state-of-the-art fulfillment services and technology solutions composed specifically for you.

Engage with Standvast today and Fulfill Your Promise.